Monday, April 29, 2013

Guide to electing your leaders

Guide to elect your representative in 13th Malaysian Election

Following is my guideline in the coming election:
1. Allah owns everything.
2. Allah is the ultimate government
3. He gives two guidance to man: 10. And shown him the two ways (good and evil)? (Quran: Al Balad)
4. Between two good candidate, choose the better of the two
5. Between two lousy candidates: choose the least lousy which can cause minimal harm
6. Between two parties: choose which is most God fearing
7. You will partly be held responsible for the actions of the government you elect. In the hereafter, you will have to answer to Allah for your choice of government.
8. Before voting, say a prayer for Allah, asking him for guidance.
                                                              HAPPY VOTING!!!


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